Cerealia Festival 2023 – 13° edition

The 13th edition of the Cerealia Festival will take place from 16 September to 31 October 2023, an international event this year dedicated to the Republic of Slovenia. Many initiatives planned in 8 Italian regions created by the network of organizations participating in the festival. The focus cereal is the #millet – international year of FAO #IYM2023 – insight on #villages and #internalareas. The 2023 edition is dedicated to our friend #LucioFumagalli president of INSOR – National Institute of Rural Sociology. The program will be available on the festival website from the end of August:

Rito delle Vestali della mola salsa

For the 13th Cerealia Festival on the occasion of the JEA/GEA2023 – European Archeology Days – the ritual of the Vestal Virgins of the mola salsa is back, for the first time in the beautiful setting of the Colosseum Archaeological Park, with four appointments: 10.30 – 16.00 – 17.00 – 18.00

Event realized with the collaboration of Romacostumi di Francesca Staccioli and Le Camenae

The entrance is with the ticket of the Archaeological Park



For young Italian dramaturgy – 3rd edition, 2023

To honor the memory of its member Emanuele Carboni, actor and playwright who died prematurely in June 2016 at the age of 36, the cultural association Music Theatre International ETS (M.Th.I.), in collaboration with MTM Lydia Biondi association, TIT The International Theatre, Laboratori Permanenti, KIT Italia, and with the patronage of SIAE – Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori.

The award, which aims to enhancing the young Italian dramaturgy, is open to young Italian authors (resident in Italy or abroad) interested in writing text for theatre and who have not yet turned 40 years at the date of 31 December 2023.

The choice of the theme is free and at the discretion of the author, who can also include subjects imbued with real and fantastic or supernatural and, through the treatment, have the strength to express universal themes capable of highlighting the most hidden aspects of the human soul, without excluding the comic, ironic or grotesque aspect.

The genre can be serious or facetious and the author can choose the most congenial form of writing: prose or verse.

Winner will receive a prize of € 1,500.00 | Deadline 30 June 2023

Download the documents from the news page in Italian.

#InTransito 3rd edition

Music Theatre International ETS (M.Th.I.) in partnership with Grandi Stazioni Retail


“The Gaia’s routes: journeys of humanity” 

#InTransito – creative experience

Third edition | Rome, 5 to 11 December 2022

Mall at Tiburtina Rail Station – Rome

“Gaia’s routes: journeys of humanity” project, promoted by the Cultural Department of Rome Capitale, is the winner of the Public Notice “Contemporaneamente Roma 2020 – 2021 -2022” curated by the Department of Cultural Activities and is carried out in collaboration with SIAE

#InTransito – creative experiences is back at Tiburtina Rail Station for its third edition running from 5 to 11 December 2022.

The main theme of the project’s 2022 edition is “Gaia’s routes: journeys of humanity”. The event is produced by Music Theater International ETS, a no-profit association, in partnership with Grandi Stazioni Retail and with the support of Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane.

Check the event calendar out here

PPP 3.0 – Diritto allo scandalo

The project PPP3.0 – Diritto allo scandalo includes the multimedia docu-theatrical show “Padre Nostro – diritto allo scandalo”, based on several interviews released by Pasolini, as well as a collection of verbal testimonies, in the form of P3ODCAST. These are the voices of the roman citizens called to express themselves according to their conscience on the “scandalous” issues faced by show: sexuality, power, relations between the state, mass media and citizens. The collection and dissemination of these podcasts will accompany the tour of the show in the urban areas where the network of Teatri in Comune – Tor Bella Monaca, Quarticciolo and Lido – is located, welcomed in the homonymous theaters. The podcasts will then be available on the main online platforms (Spotify, Audible, Spreaker etc.) for future reference of the project.


PPP3.0 – Diritto allo scandalo is produced by Music Theater International in collaboration with The International Theater and KIT Italia. The project is the winner of the Public Call “Estate Romana 2022 – Riaccendiamo la Città, Insieme” 


PADRE NOSTRO – diritto allo scandalo

The show “Padre Nostro – diritto allo scandalo” put together speech and acting with dance, music, projections, live footage with the involvement of the audience. The text crosses Pasolini’s writings, interviews and films, taking its cue from one of his highly provocative “prayers”: “Our Father who art in heaven, what do I do with the fear of ridicule? What do I do with my good education? I will chat with you like an old woman.” Thanks to the multimedia suggestions that help a contemporary reading, the words of the controversial author are proposed on stage by three actors, finding their way through interpretation, dance and images, reaching the audience and interacting with it, with a great emotional impact that facilitates its fruition. The goal is to make the figure of the intellectual and his “high” thinking human and accessible, highlighting some of those “scandalous” aspects and those elements of rupture inherent not only in Pasolini’s writing, but also permeating his personal life and in his way of being. Elements that emerged in his highlighting, contesting, fighting and arguing against the same civil society that has attempted, through complaints for insult, pornography, contempt to religion, solicitation, robbery, etc. to destroy the powerful image of the artist. The scandalous elements of Pasolini’s works, in a profoundly Catholic and respectable country like ours, have always undergone attempts at cover-up and cancellation.



The original interviews included in the show will be contrasted with the interviews collected “in the street” that bring people’s feelings and moods closer together. These voices will be collected in the form of P3ODCAST that will remain available on the main online platforms. The two parallel narratives, the theatrical one and the audio one, will intertwine the temporal planes giving back a choral vision, in which the prophetic voice of Pasolini finds confirmation and echo in the voices of those who today are witnessing the fulfilled prophecy. In order to stimulate an interaction with the places that will host the show, the artists will wonder in the streets of the city with microphone and camera to collect moods and feelings of everyday life, offering the population the opportunity to express themselves on the issues faced on stage. The voices of the territory, collected and edited, will then be disseminated in the foyers of the theaters, welcoming the audience before and after the show, reverberating as in an agora. Then, they will remain available in the form of P3ODCAST on the page dedicated to the project on the production website (www


OnStage Festival 2nd edition

The second edition of OnStage Festival is waiting for you with a reach program of show from the USA. Give a look at the calendar on the festival’s website: link al sito (


#InTransito – 2° edition

“The project, promoted by Roma Culture, is the winner of the Public Notice Contemporaneamente Roma 2020 – 2021 – 2022, curated by the Cultural Activities Department and is carried out in collaboration with SIAE”

In Rome Tiburtina, from 6 to 12 December 2021, #InTransito – creative experiences come back with the theme “Traveling in Italy and Europe in a sustainable, creative and inclusive way”. The event is organized in collaboration with Grandi Stazioni Retail.

After the success of the first edition, held in May 2021, in the new #InTransito space of the Tiburtina Station a rich calendar of activities will be offered to the public of travelers and Romans, to stimulate engaging, interactive and participatory experiences on the theme of travel: “the circular journey of life ”, an installation by the artist Sergio Gotti; the “wandering excursions” of travelers from the past and the future; the interactive “social wall” and physical maps; “The 7 journeys into creativity”, video interviews with great Italian artists; workshops for children; the exhibition of the winning works of ContestEco 2021; the reportage of the EYR2021 and the Connecting Europe Express.

We thanks Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane and Grandi Stazioni Rail for their support.

With the patronage of UIC (International Union of RailWays), EYR2021,  Touring Club Italiano

Partner Creare e Communicare, Simtur Association, Goethe European Cultural Travel Association – Grand Tour, ByCam Fotografia by Teresa Mancini, La Melagrana by Linda Bagalini, TIT (The International Theater), BiMed (Biennial of Arts and Sciences of the Mediterranean) with the “Staffetta Letteraria”, The Phoenicians’ Route – Itinerary of the Council of Europe

Media Partner Emergenze digitali, RadioLuiss, DISCE (Developing Inclusive and Sustainable Creative Economies)

Twinning Fai la differenza – The Sustainability Festival

For all appointments:

hashtag #InTransito #CultureRoma # ContemporaneaRoma2021 #Contemporaneamenteroma

Emanuele Carboni 2021 – Award ceremony

The jury of the 2nd edition Emanuele Carboni Award proclaimed the text n. 2 (Come da prassi) by Silvia Falabella. The jury also wanted to assign a special mention to the text out of competition (Vogliamo vive!) by Federica Chiara Serpe.

The award ceremony of the second edition of the Emanuele Carboni Award will take place in Rome, on December 16, 2021, at 5.30 pm at the Bibliteca-Hub Culturale Moby Dick

Astor. The boy with the bandoneón

The story of the life events of the well-known Argentine composer in his earliest beginnings: the arrival of the Piazzolla family in New York and the adventures of the young Piazzolla, the encounter with the instrument that will change his life and the history of world music, the early years in Buenos Aires, the tango.

The show is structured as a melologue and presented in semi-scenic form with music by Astor Piazzolla and Michele Di Filippo, composer and arranger.


The music is performed live by three musicians flanked by a couple of tangeros and an actor.

For information: / mob. 3757026213


06 – 94018086 –

And in all the points of sale of the box office circuit:

Online presales:

Cerealia Festival – XI edizione 2021

The international Cerealia festival returns to Rome and other Italian cities. The cereal festival. Ceres and the Mediterranean, an inter- and transdisciplinary network project, which draws inspiration from the Vestalia and the Ludi di Ceres of ancient Rome, enhancing intercultural exchange and enrichment between Mediterranean countries. The event is intended as an opportunity for cultural exchange at various levels, addressing issues related to culture, food, the environment, tourism, the social and economic dimension. With a calendar from 09 June – 30 November 2021, in Rome and other Italian cities to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the event. Focus on the “rice”. The program is available on the Festival website: 

#InTransito first edition / Rome

#InTransito Project 1st ed.. Winner of the “Contemporaneamente Roma 2020-2022” call of the Department of Culture of Roma Capitale,  it will take place at the Tiburtina Station in Rome from 18 to 23 May 2021.
Theme of the first year “the journey and the city of Rome“.
The project is promoted by the Roma 150 Committee. Media partner Roma Mobilità, izi.Travel, Invasioni Digitali, partner Movie Logic,Creare e Comunicare, TCI Club di Territorio di Roma, Bycam Fotografia by Teresa Mancini. Thanks to the Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Rome Tiburtina – Grandi Stazioni Retail, Grandi Stazioni Rail .

Access to the #InTransito – Creative Experiences event dedicated to Rome will be managed in full compliance with the anticovid rules which provide for a limited and regulated capacity within the spaces.

Reservations for the laboratories are required: Tel. And WhatsApp + 39 350 0119692

#InTransito – Creative experiences dedicated to Rome | 18 – 23 May 2021
Space open to the public every day 13.00 – 19.00 | Saturday 22 May 10.00 – 16.00

Emanuele Carboni Award – 2nd edition



For young Italian dramaturgy – Second edition, 2021

To honor the memory of its member Emanuele Carboni, actor and playwright who died prematurely in June 2016 at the age of 36, the cultural association Music Theatre International (M.Th.I.), in collaboration with MTM Lydia Biondi association, TIT and KIT Italia, and with the patronage of SIAE – Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori and the City of Tivoli, announces the second edition of the “Emanuele Carboni Award”.

The award, which aims to enhancing the young Italian dramaturgy, is open to young Italian authors (resident in Italy or abroad) interested in writing text for theatre and who have not yet turned 36 years at the expiry date of the notice. The text will need to include subjects steeped in reality and fantasy, or supernatural and to have the strength to express universal themes capable of highlighting the most hidden aspects of human soul, without excluding comic aspects, ironic or grotesque.

Winner will receive a prize of € 1,500.00.

Deadline: 31 July 2021 

Mercante di Stelle

playful-creative workshop for children (7-12 years) with Aziza Essalek, Dino Ruggiero and the collaboration of Letizia Staccioli. Dedicated to Gianni Rodari, for the 100th anniversary of his birth. The activities will take place in the Collina della Pace – Peppino Impastato Park, from 5 to 20 December 2020. In case of rain, the meetings will be hosted at Il Muretto (via Casilina, 1799/M). The activities are free and reservation is recommended: 350 011 96 92 (whatsapp).

Virtù: the 100 ingredients of the sustainable diet

multimedia project that combines sciences and performing arts to illustrate sustainability in the agro-food sector in an original and innovative way. Project promoted by FIDAF in collaboration with MThI and the Order of Agronomists, under the patronage of MiPAAF.

The event, which will take place online on November 24, 2020 starting at 2.30 pm on the gotowebinar platform, is open to professionals and curious.

Twelve experts from different scientific disciplines will alternate with performers who, through different expressive techniques, will introduce the discussion on five themes: environment, health, nutrition, social and consumption, to conclude in a musical tribute to the Virtù of Teramo and the Mediterranean diet

Favole in versi

Final meeting of the digital project with spontaneous participation
held on Facebook from April 14 for the 40th anniversary of his death | 100 years from
birth of Gianni Rodari (Omegna, 23 October 1920 – Rome, 14 April 1980)

The meeting will take place at the end of the event “Gianni Rodari. 100 years of dreams e
dreamers “promoted by the” Famija Piemontèisa “, which we thank for the hospitality

SALA ITALIA UNAR | via Ulisse Aldrovandi, 16 / B – Rome

Limited places | Reservations required at +39 349 5487 626
Free admission and use of the mask. In consideration of the regulations for the containment of COVID-19, all necessary preventive measures will be put in place

Women for Collective Identities – Peace, Security and Identitary Cuisine

The M.Th.I. is the winner of the public call “Women-Peace-Security […] to allow the Italian participation in peace and humanitarian initiatives at international level” of the Directorate General for Political and Security Affairs (DGAP) of the MAECI, with the project ” Women for Collective Identities / Peace, Security and Identitary Cuisine ”. Partners are Prospettive Mediterranee association, European Research Institute, Xenia – Scuola Nosco; cooperation members Galilee Institute, The Shorouq Charitable Society for Women, Partners for Transparency, Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies. The project, which will take place online from mid-September and in hybrid mode in Ragusa, Sicily (14 – 17 October 2020), aims to enhance the role of women in peace and decision-making processes concerning the issues of social cohesion and security in post-conflict reconstruction programs, promoting their participation in all sectors of society; protecting their rights and increasing synergies with civil society. Women beneficiaries from Jordan, Egypt, Israel and Palestine among with women from the reference communities of the Sicilian territories

Go to the Facebook page of the project

Download the e-book of the project

#Erinnerungen. Memorie di vite fantastiche

visit and performance on the occasion of the “Di Villa in Villa” project promoted by IRVIT to discover the splendid Ville Tuscolane. A tribute to Richard Voss, writer and playwright who lived in Villa Falconieri for 25 years, which he defined as the “shining house”. Sunday 27 September 2020.

Notte d’in_canto romano

Concert in memory of Angelo Marenzi, September 19th, 8pm, Castelnuovo di Porto. With Stefano Grassi tenor, Sonia Sciamanna soprano, Claudio Frattali guitar | Gilberto Pilastri drum, Alessandro di Stazio accordion.



Open letter to Angela Merkel & public online event

1st July 2020 | 11:00 – 20:00 CET

The Citizens Take Over Europe coalition (CTOE) invites citizens and civil society organisations to discuss the political urgency for the future of Europe, starting from the Recovery Fund and the reforms that the European Union needs to make through a European Citizens Assembly. The 1st of July event will be a moment also to discuss how we can design this assembly together and make it happen. The event is planned at the occasion of the beginning of the German EU presidency.

To attend the 1st July event please register here 

The event will be hosted on Zoom and broadcast on Facebook

To get more information on CTOE and to participate in the coalition’s activities:

Appia antica Music Fest and JEA 2020

In consideration of the great interest, we have planned an extra walk along the Appia antica on Saturday 21st at 10:30 am, also in occasion of the European Music Fest, with a special focus on the musicians of the Grand Tour. The  event is already sold out.

Appia Antica Regina Viarum JEA2020

we organize this accompanied walk on the occasion of the JEA2020, on the Appian Way to discover its women and the Grand Tour travelers. The Territorial Club of Rome of the TCI, the Roma 150 Committee, the Archeoclub d’Itaila of the Southern Etruria, Pontieri del Dialogo. The program is free of charge and will take place on June 20. For participation procedures dwnload the flyer.

We have closed the reservation. The event is sold out

DanteDì 25 03 2020

 Virtual event organized on Facebook from 23 to 25 March 2020, in occasion of the first DANTEdì. Download here the pdf file with all the contributions. We thank you al participants

Donne Perse(phone) 2020

 posponed until further notice

Les Chats Musiciens 2020

 National Cat Day, performance to celebrate our pet among music, poems, news

Il Mercante di Stelle

The “Il Mercante di Stelle” project, is a theater workshop for children, part of the dissemination activities promoted by the Cerealia Festival. The M.Th.I. association in collaboration with the ATS proTerra Sancta and the Mosaic Center, has programmed this creative laboratory in Palestine (from 5 to 14 August 2020). The workshop, through playful-performative activities, intends to stimulate the expressive abilities of Palestinian children, to transmit them useful skills for their individual and relational growth.

Help us carry out the project supporting the fundraising campain with a donation via paypall or bank transfer: for more information, write to:

International Award Lydia Biondi

OnStage reloaded 2019

Donne Perse(phone) Calendar 2019

After the workshop that allowed us to create the show and bring it on stage in Rome and other cities … After the publication of the book by dei Merangoli Editrice, to further spread the text by Annalisa Venditti … Here we are at the third stage: the calendar which tells the story of our theatrical journey, thanks to the photos by Teresa Mancini and the graphic design by Antonio Picardi.  With this project we give our contribute to the ONG working every day in defense of women who are violated, abused and killed.

Calendar 33×48 | 13 press sheets 4 + 4 | coated paper 170 gr | metal spiral

Printed format € 15 (limited edition). Order the calendar by writing to

Watch the back stage video on our Youtube channel

Mythos 3.0 go to school

Mythos 3.0 – Reading and workshops on contemporary rewriting of classical myths for classical and scientific high schools, teacher training colleges. Three pairs of myths (Achilles / Elena, Eco / Narciso, Era/ Kronos). Project available on request for the school year 2016/2017.

Notebooks of Lazio. Tasting the landscape

here the link to the page with the detailed program

go to this link to download the digital notebook of the project