Bespoke-entertaining opportunities

We collaborate with organizations and individual professionals to provide original and sophisticated tailor-made programs for private and corporate events. We can provide outstanding music with singers and piano, full period-instrument orchestra or ensembles, classical/contemporary dance and/or new circus performances, theatre original and/or repertoire plays of all age and style and in different languages (Italian, English, Latin), giving clients an opportunity to hear, see and meet world-class young and famous artists in intimate, traditional or unconventional settings. Some possibilities may include: gala dinners, champagne receptions with musical/dance interludes; private concerts or performances, or any other special and exclusive event.

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Evento Qualità 2008 – Musical visit to the Oratorio del Gonfalone, Rome. Concert of La Selva Barocca ensemble, followed by a gala dinner. Organized by 5 Sensi, Culture & Leisure (22 November 2009).

Music performance at the Gala dinner for the 100 birthday of Nobel Price Rita Levi Montalcini organized by Regione Lazio. Artistic consulting for RomaCongressi srl (22 April 2009)

Benefit event of Ferrari SpA in Beijin (China). Artistic consulting for Noxxi of Beijin (Nov. 3rd 2009).

Gala event “Gran Ballo dei Borbone” at the Reggia of Caserta. Management Duepiùduecinque srl., marketing and coordination Mitogroup srl. Music consulting for the performance of the National Dance Academy of Rome (Nov. 28-29th 2009).

Opening event for the didactical and environment project Ricicliamoci2 produced by CLAN Culture. Performance “Madre Terra” dance, theatre and music. Rome, ISA (Istituto Superiore Antincendi), October 26th 2010.

New Year’s Eve with Apicius and Trimalchio, performance in costume during the themed dinner organized by the Hotel Restaurant Adriano in Tivoli, December 31, 2012.

Tivoli September 14, 2013. For the Condotta SlowFood of Tivoli, ancient Roman Market Hercules Victor. Scuderie Estensi conference on archeology, landscape and food “Bacchus and Ceres tell the food in ancient Rome.” Villa d’Este, Renaissance Aperitif, “Ode to Bacchus” by Lorenzo the Magnificent.

The collection found. Conference dedicated to the figure of Abbot Carlo Rusconi in the bicentenary of his birth. Guidonia Montecello, January 18, 2014. As part of the market with the producers of Earth Markets of Lazio The Herding, between myth and history, in prose and lyrics“, performance in costume with music and dancing.

A table in the Renaissance, Renaissance apericena introduced by scenical interludes for the night opening of the Villa d’Este (Tivoli), in collaboration with Slow Food Tivoli – L’Orto dei Cuochi, MTM (5 July to 12 September 2014).

Carnival of Tivoli 2016 (January 31/4 -6-7-9 February). In collaboration with the Municipality of Tivoli it is dedicated to nature, with the participation of over 20 organizations. With the support of the SIAE and other local sponsors.

On February 24 and 25, the Cinema Trevi – Cineteca Nazionale hosted two evenings dedicated to the film, television, and stage work of Lydia Biondi. The International Day of Commedia dell’Arte 2017 was devoted to Ms. Biondi, an actress, choreographer, and teacher, among the myriad roles she assumed in the arts. Many of Ms. Biondi’s colleagues and friends as well as guest speakers participated in the event, in person and via video, to remember this woman, her artistry, and her intense devotion to humanitarian and charitable causes.

Food and commerce in the ancient Rome, didactical activities realized in collaboration with Legio II Parthica, Mos Majorum and Arkeo Shop in occation of the Europea Archeological Days promoted by the Parco Archeologico of Colosseo (Foro Romano, June 15 and 16, 2019)

The Farnese’s secret recipe, dramatized guided visits to the Renaissance kitchens of Palazzo Farnese (Caprarola), Art-City summer 2019 / Polo Museale del Lazio (19th and 27th July 2019)


Cultural and agricultural heritage: challenges and new balance between the identity of the territory, environment and economy, focus on the territory of Bojano (CB). In collaboration with the Municipality of Bojano, Mediterranean Perspectives, INSOR, RIDE-APS. Under the patronage of MAECI and Year of Food. Confernce and performance, Palazzo Colagrosso of Bojano (5 Aug 2018)

Women for Collective Identities / Peace, Security and Identitary cuisine, supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Partners Prospettive Mediterranee, ERI and Xenia; international partners: Partners For Transparency (Egypt), Galilee International Management Institute (Israel), Shorouq Society for Woman (Palestine), Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies (Jordan) (Ragusa Ibla, Oct. 14-17, 2020) – Download the e-book of the project

Virtù – the 100 ingredients of the sustainable diet. Artistic direction of the digital project produced by Fidaf under the patronage of MiPAAF. Meeting between the sciences and the performing arts to communicate sustainability in the agri-food sector (24 Nov. 2020). Download the e-book of the project

N.B. Some images of our partner: Quattrotto Dance Company