Traffic Art

“Traffic Art + Dance Project”

an urban art and dance project

The Taffic Art+Dance Project is a very original environment art project with dance performance, created by  Ra Kajol in collaboration with Karmaker Uttam Kumar and Ruben Dario Martinez, 3 artist who actually live in Europe but who come from extra-CEE countries (Bangladesh and Colombia). Love for natural beauty and its defense and protection, are the principal message of this creation. In Traffic Art artists present a new conception of art as a big and open-air project, which would involve common people as participants and as viewers. A kind of communicative art project, with the mission to promote trough arts love for nature and a message of friendship between human been from different countries. In the city where this project will be realize, it can become an integral part of a wider urban and community regeneration program, specially if located on the edge of areas of social deprivation. Ra Kajol did his fist street painting in 1994 in Langskrona, Sweden. He called later this kind of artwork Traffic Art, also writing a Traffic Art’s manifest. Few years later he combined a dance performance on the painting while dancers would be painted on their body on the same artwork. Since 1998 Traffic Art projects have been realized in many cities in Denmark, Spain, Germany, Island, Sweden, Italy, Emirates, etc.. Karmaker Uttam Kumar joined Ra Kajol in 2000 in a artwork in Cosenza (Italy). Traffic Art can be realized in international festivals, or for special cultural projects involving children or adults, promoted by culture departments of cities and municipalities worldwide, with the intent to promote a social and emotional commitments with common people, giving the opportunity to art to become a vehicle and a message of natural environment’s respect, bringing also color and new value to the often grey urban outskirts, trough images from a real and fantastic natural world.

Traffic Art … Art by You”. A project of art and dance by Ra Kajol. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 18 February – 18 March 2010 realized for the opening of the”Mirdif City Centre”, in cooperation with Arts Universal Ltd. Artists: Ra Kajol, Uttam Kumar Karmaker, Ruben Dario Martinez Martinez. Choreographer Stefania Toscano. Technical sponsor Jotun Ltd-Dubai Factory. Project included in the Guinness World Record Book 2010. See the video of the choreography on Youtube.

Traffic.Art+Dance Project “De Rerum Natura” produced with the National Dance Academy (Italy), in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome and Oikos, Italian company leader in the business of decorative painting. Media partner “Incontri & Eventi“. National Dance Academy of Rome, May 11th to 23rd 2009 – Roses’ Terrace. Project included in the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009