My step is martial and also my gaze, but behind my eyes I cultivate compassion. I am interested in all the expressions of art and I like people; I am convinced to be I a citizen of the world as well as an Italian one and I have an inclination to absolute freedom which stops where the rights of others begin. I am a blood donor. I am constantly looking for my existence. I am a happy woman. I was born in Chieti on April 20, 1961.

Professional photographer, she is registered since 2007 with the National Association of Tau Visual Professional Photographers. After graduating from high school, she studied photography at the three-year course of the European Institute of Design IED and at the State Institute for Cinematography and Television R. Rossellini. After being assistant to some prestigious photographic studios (such as Elisabetta Catalano’s), she started her freelance activity, dealing with portraiture, commercial photography and teaching. Her credit included numerous exhibitions in Italy and some abroad. In 2001 she co-founded the Bycam Communication Agency, in which she brought her skills in the photographic and commercial field. In 2016 she started Bycam Photography, an independent professional photographic activity mainly dedicated to portraiture. She is co-creator of the photographic exhibition ‘Mostre Diffuse of Photography’ which from 2015 till now has become a container of photographic culture with the aim of stimulating the life of the territories through “widespread exhibitions” within the historical centers of small and medium-sized cities and their structures often closed or abandoned.