#InTransito 3rd edition

Music Theatre International ETS (M.Th.I.) in partnership with Grandi Stazioni Retail


“The Gaia’s routes: journeys of humanity” 

#InTransito – creative experience

Third edition | Rome, 5 to 11 December 2022

Mall at Tiburtina Rail Station – Rome

“Gaia’s routes: journeys of humanity” project, promoted by the Cultural Department of Rome Capitale, is the winner of the Public Notice “Contemporaneamente Roma 2020 – 2021 -2022” curated by the Department of Cultural Activities and is carried out in collaboration with SIAE

#InTransito – creative experiences is back at Tiburtina Rail Station for its third edition running from 5 to 11 December 2022.

The main theme of the project’s 2022 edition is “Gaia’s routes: journeys of humanity”. The event is produced by Music Theater International ETS, a no-profit association, in partnership with Grandi Stazioni Retail and with the support of Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane.

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#InTransito first edition / Rome

#InTransito Project 1st ed.. Winner of the “Contemporaneamente Roma 2020-2022” call of the Department of Culture of Roma Capitale,  it will take place at the Tiburtina Station in Rome from 18 to 23 May 2021.
Theme of the first year “the journey and the city of Rome“.
The project is promoted by the Roma 150 Committee. Media partner Roma Mobilità, izi.Travel, Invasioni Digitali, partner Movie Logic,Creare e Comunicare, TCI Club di Territorio di Roma, Bycam Fotografia by Teresa Mancini. Thanks to the Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Rome Tiburtina – Grandi Stazioni Retail, Grandi Stazioni Rail .

Access to the #InTransito – Creative Experiences event dedicated to Rome will be managed in full compliance with the anticovid rules which provide for a limited and regulated capacity within the spaces.

Reservations for the laboratories are required: Tel. And WhatsApp + 39 350 0119692

#InTransito – Creative experiences dedicated to Rome | 18 – 23 May 2021
Space open to the public every day 13.00 – 19.00 | Saturday 22 May 10.00 – 16.00