Riccardo Cattani. He currently works as a consultant for web communication and for the development and implementation of projects aimed at creating multimedia products / services for the Internet; the design and creation of dynamic we

bsites and multi-platform APPs. He also works as a consultant in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Web Analytics plans. Since 2015 he has been co-organizer with Teresa Mancini of ‘Mostre Diffuse Fotografia’ which takes place in Magliano Sabina (RI) and which, in its 5 editions has involved authors in 86 photographic exhibitions, 4 photographic competitions, 4 weeks of creative photographic residences, more 30 VIP guests for readings / talks / editorial new projects. From 2002 to 2016 he was a founding member of BYCAM Srl [agency of communication and web services]. On behalf of this company he has been responsible, as communication manager, for the development and implementation of projects aimed at creating multimedia products / services for the Internet and digital TV, as well as the creation of numerous dynamic websites (https: // bycam.it/portfolio/#). He has been responsible for the Italian Photo Gallery site, which he oversaw the design and implementation of the B2B / B2C service for the promotion and sale of stock photographs and photographic services. From 1984 to 2000 he worked in various companies of the Stet group including Sarin Spa, Sidac Spa and Sream Spa (later Sky). This period has characterized all his

professional evolution: from the first experiences of development of interactive multimedia products, to the architecture of textual and visual information depending on the type of product and its destination (training, information, entertainment), looking for communication solutions effective for browsing interfaces in services and for their promotion. His personal deepening of the numerous specific skills, both technical and managerial, necessary for the highest quality multimedia production was matched by a constant commitment in the training and operation

of work groups. His commitment his characterized by an open and communicative managerial style, dictated by the need to promote creativity, autonomy and versatility, skills required to collaborators to keep up with the rapid evolution of technologies, without ever losing their sight of the achievement of corporate objectives. From 1978 to 1984 he was an independent producer of audiovisuals educational and information.