Mise-en-espace, Contemporary theatre

Escoriale. ply based on the text by Michel de Ghelderobe; theatre adaptation and direction by B. Mancini. Produced in occasion of LET (Liberi Esperimenti Teatrali), theatre festival promoted and organized by ATCL and Lazio Region, in collaboration with ETI. Rome, Cometa Off Theatre, 30-31 Marc 2005.

A Memoria. stage reading by and with M. Wertmuller and A. Ferruzzo, in occasion of the first anniversary of the House of Memory opening and the anniversary of Fosse Ardeatine. Rome, House of Memory 24 Marc 2007. Project realized for the IV Cultural Department of the Municipality of Rome. Second performance at Tor Bella Monaca Theatre, Rome 25 April 2007.

Le train de Youkali. book by A. Biancofiore, music by Kurt Weill; music adapted and performed by M. Melia, director R. Cavallo. Rome, SalaUno Theatre, 26-29 April 2007. Project realized with the support of IMAIE. Project finalist at the “Premio Opera IMAIE”. New performance at the “Identity and Memory” for the presentation of Sakharov Prize for the Freedom of Thought 2011: Rome, Palazzo della Cultura at Portico d’Ottavia, October 30th 2011.

Raccontare la Magnani. book by M. Moretti. Show with live music directed by A. Biancofiore. Rome, Teatro dell’Orologio, sala Gassman, 16 October – 4 November 2007. Project realized with the support of IMAIE.

Lettere dalla Danza in honour of Isadora Duncan, stage reading with live music and choreography by P. Sarcina. Performance produced in collaboration with the National Dance Academy in occasion of the 60° Anniversary Celebrations of the National Dance Academy. Ruskaja Theatre, Rome 5 June 2008.

Carpe diem, homage to the classical Latin poets. stage reading with live music and dance, book by P. Sarcina on texts by Ovidio, Orazio, Virgilio and Catullo. Performance for the 51° Certamen Vaticanum of Latinitas Vaticana Foundation. Vatican City, 30 November 2008.

Femme Fatale: la divina Marchesa Casati… musa del Futurismo. stage reading with live music and dance inspired at the live of Marchesa Casati Stampa. Book by P. Sarcina. Performance for “The Night of Museums” FutuRoma, promoted by Municipality of Roma Dip. IV, Zètema Progetto Cultura, in collaboration with Unicredit-MedioCredito Centrale. Rome, Villino Casati, June 6th 2009.

L’uomo invisibile. Detective show, author and director A. Biancofiore. In collaboration with A.T.C., Municipal Theatre of Rocca di Papa, April 17,18,24,25 / May 2nd 2010.

Les Chats Musiciens, for the National Fest of the Cat a benefit show in behalf of Colonia Felina della Piramide of Rome, Friday February 17th 2012,  Bibliothé Rome.

Aldo Fabrizi … eat and belly laughs. Tribute in music and lyrics to Aldo Fabrizi and his lyrics dedicated to the Roman cuisine. On the occasion of Cibi d’Italia Festival, twinning with Cerealia Festival. Saturday, September 29, 2012, Circus Maximus, Rome.

Les Chats Musiciens III. For the National Fest of the Cat a benefit show in behalf of Colonia Felina della Piramide of Rome. February 17, 2014 – L’Universale.

Di-Vino! show in lyrics, prose and music in tribute to wine and Hellenic culture from antiquity to the present day. Event in collaboration with the Hellenic Community of Rome and Lazio. Rome, Domus Talenti, May 15, 2014.

Les Chats Musiciens IV and V. Civic Museum of Zoology, Rome. In collaboration with Myosotis, workshops and performances for children and adults for the Carnival and the National Day of the Cat (February 15 and 17 2015).

Within the project “A show in suburbs!“, funded by Zètema progetto cultura, at the Cultural Center Aldo Fabrizi “Il Gusto dei 5 Sensi”: Aldo Fabrizi eat and belly laughs, scenic tribute to Aldo Fabrizi and Roman cuisine, Sensually appealing poems … gastro-poetic show, The Colors of Food – painting workshop for children and performance of music, poetry and painting. (Feb. 13, March 7 and 14, 2015).

Within the project “Beyond the book, read the tomorrow in all its forms“, funded by the Libraries Institution of Rome, in the Library Raffaello “Mythos 3.0“: three meetings of theatre and reading workshops on rewriting and topicality of the myths, in collaboration with the Hellenic Community of Rome and Lazio (March 13-20-27, 2015).

Lettere dalla Danza. In honour of Isadora Duncan. Translation and stage adaptation by Paola Sarcina, from Isadora Duncan’s books My Life and The Art of the Dance. New production for the Anfiteatro Festival of Albano, August 7, 2015.

Producing partner of the Shakespeare 2016. Memory of Rome project, organized by the three University of Rome: http://www.shakespeare2016.it/partnersponsor-2/

Thanks to international relations launched at the Cerealia Festival 2016, M.Th.I. was invited to the International Festival Arouad in Morocco, with the performance “The 4 Elements“ by Stefania Toscano (15-19 November 2016). Performance winner of the price as “best theme – subject”. Other performances: Centrale Preneste Theatre of Rome (October 26, 2018).

Around the World in 72 Days. The journey of Nellie Bly, new production for the X edition of the Travel Literature Festival of the Italian Geographic Society, Rome, 22 September 2017. Other performances: Kopò Theatre of Rome (January 18-19-20, 2019). Mondavio (03/06/2019), Gradara (06/10/2019), Chicago IL, USA (04/30/2019), New York, USA InScena! Festival (05/8-11/2019).

Les Chats Musiciens VI, on the occasion of the National Cat Day, performance for the National Cat Day (Domus Romana, February 17, 2018

The 4 elements (air, water, fire, earth). Multidisciplinary performance. Teatro Centrale Preneste, Rome (26 Oct 2018)

Les Chats Musiciens VII, on the occasion of the National Cat Day, Horafelix, Rome (February 17, 2020)

#Erinnerungen. Memories of Fantastic Lives. Reading with music inspired by the life of Richard Voss, for the Festival Dimore Sonore-Di Villa in Villa promoted by IRVIT, Villa Falconieri – Frascati (27 Sep 2020)