Membership opportunities

Members of the association are divided in four categories:

a) founder members; b) promoter members; c) supporter members; d) honorary members.

FOUNDER members are those who have participated at the foundation of the association.

PROMOTER members are public institutions, associations, corporations and single private people who through special supporting activities or donations, una tantum or in different occasions, showed a special interest in supporting the association.

SUPPORTER members are all those persons or organizations who through benefits, donations, activities or other contributions take part at the achievement of the association’s goals. Supporter members pay an annual membership fee decided annually by the members’ assembly. The general assembly of the association decides on the admission of a supporter and/or promoter members.

For special cultural merits or activities the association can decide to indicate as  HONORARY members professionals, teachers, researchers, performing arts artists.

Persons or organizations interested in becoming members of MThI must send a written request by post (cfr. the legal address) or by e-mail ( addressed to the General Secretary of the association.