Didactical Activities

Beyond the production activities with professional artists, MThI is active in promoting the theatre and music culture through integrated theatre workshops with pupils and students, who can in this way become protagonists of the artistic product, giving new life to classical or contemporary texts and discovering the linguistic and expressive richness of a literary and theatrical universal heritage.

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Theatre workshops, didactical activity realized with the schools, training activity

Didone. Final performance of the theatre workshop organized for and with the students of the High School Properzio of Assisi. Performances: a) third absolute price (for direction, costums and acting) at the 11° International Festival of High School Theatre in Altamura (23 May 2005). b) Performance at  the Tempio della Minerva of Assisi, with the  patronage of the Municipality of Assisi and with the collaboration of CLESS and Latinitas Vaticana Foundation (8 June 2005).

Carnival at Tor Bella Monaca. Scenic and conjuring laboratory for children and youths; produced for ETI (Ente Teatrale Italiano). Tor Bella Monaca Theatre, Rome 20 February 2007.

Incontri. Final recital of the theatre laboratory with the youths of VIII Municipio. Project by M. Fallucchi. Collaboration with the Tor Bella Monaca Theatre –Eti (Ente Teatrale Italiano). Tor Bella Monaca Theatre, Rome 1 April 2007.

L’eruzione del Vesuvio e la morte di Plinio il Vecchio, stage reading with high school students by M.L. Giampietro, in occasion of the VII Certamen Romanum and IX Congress “Il latino della scienza e della tecnica – Vulcanologia e sismologia”, organized by CLE  Roma (Centrum Latinitatis Europae) and B. Croce High Schooll of Rome. Under the patronage of the Classical Philology Department of La Sapienza University of Rome, and the V District of Rome Municipality. Rome, conference hall of B. Croce High School, 21st April 2010.

Acting in video camera – workshop. Didactic project to help actor’s work and training, with special attention to performances in video camera and exploring actor’s natural talent, according to Lee Strasberg “Method”, founder of Actors Studio. Teachers: Lorenzo Acquaviva, Michetta Farinelli, Jessica Giaconi. Rome, 14-19 June 2010.

Tourism, Culture and Territorial Development: communicating and telling places. Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna International Summer School Programme, in partnership with M.Th.I., Summer School in Geography of Tourism, 30th August – 4th September 2010, Rimini Campus.

L’Oracolo di Fauno. Fantastic play on the origin of Rome. Didactical performance staged at the Primary and Secondary school/1st level W.A. Mozart of Rome, April 1st 2011.

Hypatia. theatre workshop and final performances with high school students for the VIII Certamen Romanum, promoted by Benedetto Croce High School of Rome and CLE Roma, with the patronage of Rome Municipality Dip. XI , and the support of BCC Roma and Ipazia preveggenza tecnologica (Jan.-Apr. 2011). Performances: B. Croce High School Auditorium, April 12 and 13 2011;  Cultural Centre of the Egypthian Embassy of Rome, April 21st 2011; Festival Cerealia, Auditorium of Mecenate, Rome June 9th 2011. Ludi Romani Festival, Museum Civiltà Romana, Rome October 1st 2011; fragments from Hypatia for the project La Storia Antica Oggi, promoted by Biblioteche di Roma: Alessandrina Library October 22nd 2011, Palazzo Valentini December 3rd 2011.

The dream of Vitruvius. Theatre workshop with students and show in occation of IX Certamen Romanum, organized by B. Croce High School of Rome and Rome CLE (Jan.-April 2012). Performances: B. Croce High School (April 16, 2012); Aquario Romano Architecture House (April 18, 2012). Project realized in collaboration with the Order of Architects and Conservators of Rome and Province, University La Sapienza, and with the sponsorship of the National Coordination of Young Italian Architects, Young Architects of Rome, National Institute of BioArchitecture, Legambiente, The American Academy of Rome and the association Unacittà. With the support of BCC of Rome, Comitatus Cardinal Stuart Dux Eboracensis, Palalevante; with the support of Unicoop Tirreno, Prospettive Editions, Oikos, Centostazioni, BenaCom and Ceramiche Appia Nuova, also media partner. We thank the Moma Museum and the Guggenheim Museum in NY.

Communication workshop with Theodora Voutsa (April 13-14, 2013), MassenzioArte. A workshop specially designed for the individual who seeks to improve his/her expression and functioning in all areas, ranging from professionals of the Arts to the field of Business .

Theatre workshop with B. Croce high school’s students and final performance “Nuc est bibendum!” (April 17, B. Croce high school; April 18, University Roma Tre, Department of Economy – Green Campus AIESEC). Included in the X Certamen Romanum “Wine and Viticulture“(Rome, 15-18 April 2013). We thank for the support to the workshop: Alfredo Pezzilli, Maria Luisa Giampietro, Maria Grazia Iodice; the company MOAB80. Project elected “Ambassador DOC50”.

OperaNow! (in 2014 the project changed name in OperaItaliaNow! for copyright reasons) First opera studio/ international masterclass for opera on stage, organized in collaboration with MTM, Chicago Studio of Professional Singers, under the patronage of the Embassy of the United States of America and the support of the Hellenic Community of Rome and Lazio. (Rome, 8 – 21 July 2013).

Eco-giocando. Cerealia in festa con i più piccoli.  Children workshops (3-10 years hold) at Parco delle Valli, for the Festa de L’Unità (Rome, July 1-28, 2015).

Mythos 3.0 – Reading and workshops on contemporary rewriting of classical myths for the Leonardo Da Vinci High School of Sora. Two pairs of myths (Achilles / Elena, Eco / Narcissus), Auditorium “Cesare Baronio” of Sora, 22-29 January 2016.

Donne Perse(phone), Voices of women on the violence against women. Theater workshop and performance (April-June). Performances: Casa Internazionale delle Donne of Rome June 30, 2016; Municipal Library of Venafro, September 11, 2016; Villa Torlonia Court Theatre of Rome November 25, 2016; ISS Rosselli of Aprilia, November 25, 2017; Antonio Meucci High School of Aprilia December 2, 2017; IIT Croce-Aleramo, Rome November 25, 2018.

Antigone by Sofocle. Seminar interfacoly in collaboration with the Pontifical Salesian University UPS, academic year 2016-2017. Performances at the Theatre-Auditorium Paolo VI of UPS, May 22 -25, 2017.

First professional course for piano accompanist for dance lessons. 3 -8 July 2017, D.A.F. Dance Art Faculty (Rome).

AccaDueO” – children’s workshop about water, in collaboration with the association BabyCampus Edutainment, winner of the Aquae Septimae – II ed. call of the VII Municipality of Rome (Parco degli Acquedotti, 24-25 March 2018)

The Persians of Aeschylus. Inter-faculty seminar in collaboration with the Salesian Pontifical University UPS, academic year 2017-2018. Performances at the Paul VI Theater-Auditorium of the UPS, May 16-17, 2018

Second professional course for piano accompanists for dance lessons. Percentomusica (Rome, 4 -7 July 2018)

Workshop and theatre performance in collaboration with Croce-Aleramo High School (alternanza scuola-lavoro), with the title “Dido, queen of Cartago” (performances: April 15th 2019, Croce-Aleramo High School; June 6th 2019, Macro Asilo Museum, Cerealia Festival)

Masterclass of flute and piccolo, with Marta Rossi and Paolo Bonvino at Pontifician Salesiana University (September, 13th -15th 2019)