Hosting space

 A promotional hosting space-database online

The association gives the possibilities to artists and professionals who have already work with it or who are interested to have a promotional space on the web, to be hosted on its website.

In this hosting space it is possible to insert a biography, a photo and  personal contact information. Professionists listed in the hosting space will receive professional information on auditions, competitions, call for proposals and will became a professional source for the MThI itself.

This space is divided in three principal sections, that will constitute a free database, a space of visibility that could be always updated:

  • artists (singers, actors, dancers, musicians, composers, play writers, visual artists, etc.)
  • performing arts management (managers, p.r. persons, promoter, press office, etc.)
  • technical professionists (light designers, sound designers, graphic designer, photographers, costumes designers, set designers, etc.)

Free link  sharing on the web site for those who have already their hown personal space on internet.

To receive more information on the hosting membership and the subscription

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