Histoire du Soldat

by I. Stravinsky – on the centenary of the first performance
journey in search of lost identity – first execution

Represented for the first time at the Municipal Theater of Lausanne on 28 September 1918, the HIstoire du Soldat will be staged at the Teatro Vascello in Rome (12 November), on the centenary of its composition, as part of the 20th edition of Flautissimo.
The new production by the cultural association Music Theater International, present as narrator Massimo Wertmuller  on stage with young performers, as in the first performance in which Stravinsky and Ramuz engaged professionals and students of the University of Lausanne. So this new mise-en-espace by Paola Sarcina with the musical direction of Alessandro Murzi, who also take care of the Italian adaptation of the text, joins young performers (Hanad Sheikh the soldier, Michele Nardi the devil, Federica Lanza the princess) and university students,  for the first time involved in this masterpiece of chamber music theater.
The Histoire’s plot – the “mad initiative” as Stravinsky defined it – is inspired by the collection of Russian folk tales by Aleksandr Nikolaevič Afanas’ev. In this setting at Vascello, action moves in the scenario of contemporary wars and intercultural conflicts, on the unresolved confrontation between the collectivist and the individualist society: it brings the human being in search of his own identity and history, in an attempt to escape the reality of his’s destiny. The devil thus becomes the metaphor of the Eurocentric culture, which does not want to bring out the possible divergences and differences present in other cultures, often seen through the distorted lenses of prejudices and considered so inferior and not aligned or comparable to the prevailing western in global society.
The musical ensemble, formed by musicians of great artistic experience, will also performs  “Noi e loro”, three compositions by Lucio Gregoretti, Michela Trovajoli and Alessandro Murzi.


International Competition Lydia Biondi 2018

MTM Lydia Biondi is sponsoring the second edition of Premio Internazionale Lydia Biondi, in honor of the artist whose distinguished work as an actor, director, and teacher of Commedia dell’Arte won her recognition in Italy and around the worldYoung actors from all countries between 18 and 30 years old who can create either a solo or duo, performance that through the blending of expressive theatre forms such as the spoken word (in multiple languages and or dialects), mime, movement, Commedia dell’Arte, physical theatre, dance, and song can be understood universally can apply. Nov. 12  Semifinals Teatro La Comunità – Roma, Nov. 13 Finals  Teatro Torlonia – Roma. PRIZES : first 1000€, second 500€, third 300€. Application deadline September 30, 2018. The complete rules are available on social media and on


Mythos 3.0 go to school

Mythos 3.0 – Reading and workshops on contemporary rewriting of classical myths for classical and scientific high schools, teacher training colleges. Three pairs of myths (Achilles / Elena, Eco / Narciso, Era/ Kronos). Project available on request for the school year 2016/2017.

Notebooks of Lazio. Tasting the landscape

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