Lorenzo Acquaviva

 He was born in Trieste and received his actor’s training with Italian and international actors and directors such as D. Manfredini, M. Cavicchioli, G. Boni, F. Macedonio, J. Vajavec, J. Merlin, J. Malina, Kovens, K. Katzura, M. Dioumme, S. Berkoff.  He studied acting at the Advanced Residential Theatre and Television Skillcentre (Great Britain), where he performed in different shows, among which: Jack and the beanstalk (traditional pantomime), As you like it (W. Shakespeare), The hostage (B. Behan), End of game (S. Beckett), directed by J. Sichel, D. Lewis and B. Byron. He has been trained in Commedia dell ’Arte by J. P. Marie  (Theatre du Soleil) and at the Commedia dell’Arte International School directed by A. Fava. He has worked with public and private theatres and cultural foundations (Rome’s Opera House, Metateatro, Teatro Stabile of F.V.G., Assemblea Teatro, Dramma Italiano, Noctivagus, Biancofango, Popular University of  Trieste, La Cappella Underground, Fabrica,  National  Institution  of  Nuclear Physics, and many others) in theatre performances with national and international touring, playing classic and contemporary authors such as: Shakespeare, Kafka, Pirandello, Goldoni, Moliere, Tarkovskij, Drzic, Alamo, Christie, Benni. He has been guest artist in festival such as Giochi Ragusei (Dubrovnik), Sant’Arcangelo, Portovenere, Ana Desetnica (Lubiana), Azioni Inclementi (Schio), Orsara Jazz. He is a member of The Actor’s Centre of Rome directed by Michael Margotta (Actors’ Studio N.Y.) and artistic director of  the theatre section of ScienceplusFiction, Science Fiction International Festival situated in Trieste. As actor he played in cinema (Tartarughe sul dorso by Stefano Pasetto, La seconda ombra by Silvano Agosti, Il punto rosso by Marco carlucci, La fine del mare by Nora Hoppe, Fuori dalle corde by Fulvio Bernasconi, Sangue Pazzo by Marco Tullio Giordana, in the role of Junio Valerio Borghese); short videos (Isidoro e Il prigioniero by DavideDel Degan) and tv serials (La Squadra, Un Posto al Sole, Senza Confini, Donna Roma, Nebbie e Delitti 2, Il Commissario De Luca, Il commissario Rex, Crimini 2, Una madre). At the same time he applied himself to social theatre conducting theatre workshops in the psychiatric hospital of Trieste, particularly with the community of alcohol and drug addicted and people affected by multiple sclerosis. He graduated in political sciences with a thesis on “the political, social and cultural impact of the  Beat Generation in the United States”, developing afterwards a study on beat poetry with a personal research between music and words leading to some theatre performances he directed and performed: Variazioni su una generazione and Natura morta con custodia di sax, working with jazz musicians such as T. Scott, M. Tonolo, C. Cojaniz, F. Bearzatti, F. Bosso, U. T. Ghandi, G. Schiaffini and touring with readings in Italy and USA with the American poets Jack Hirshman and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. He has been artistic director of the cultural events ‘Beat and Bop. Musical and literary paths between Jazz and beat generation’ and ‘Jazz & Freedom’ in Gorizia. Since 2005 he collaborates with M.Th.I., performing as actor and coordinating cultural projects.