The 4 elements

Artistic project by Stefania Toscano – dramaturgy, direction and costumes Paola Sarcina – video project Federico Spirito – music by Amar, Brahms, Chopin, Händel, Shaumbra, The PianoGuys – with Aziza Essalek, Diana Forlani, Paola Sarcina, Stefania Toscano.
(Performance in Italian and Arabic) – Awarded as “best theme” at the International Theater Festival Arouad (Morocco, 2016)

The show The 4 elements is an artistic project by Stefania Toscano, which takes care of the choreographic part, with the dramaturgical contribution of Paola Sarcina and the video by Federico Spirito.
The theory of the “4 elements” of nature constitutes the “creative pretext” inspired by the dramaturgical and choreographic narration, to tell the world of today, in which the delicate balance between man and nature (understood as an ecosystem) is increasingly subjected to aggressions of all kinds. After careful research and documentation through sources of scientific information, we opted for a performative choice that privileged the artistic dimension. Thus the dramaturgy draws in particular from classic literary sources such as Ovid’s Metamorphoses, passages by Eraclito, Kahlil Gibran and Emily Dickinson, integrated with original texts by Paola Sarcina and with fragments and quotations from the Encyclical Laudato si by Pope Francesco. Despite being a profoundly secular project, the show found inspiration in many phrases and words used by Pope Francesco in his encyclical on the environment, in his vision of an “integral ecology”. At the same time writers and poets, who have shown in their works sensitivity and profound respect for nature, have proved to be sources of privileged inspiration to talk about environmental issues.
The theory of the four elements is very old and, with different utterances, is shared by Western and Eastern cultures. The show, in the alternation of parts recited, choreographic and video, offers the public environmental issues: urban waste; pollution from sea plastic and freshwater courses; pollution from pesticides and other toxic agents of soil and rivers; innovation and sustainability of the agri-food system; the woman as a protagonist and guarantor of a healthy relationship with the environment; agriculture, food and food waste; urban pollution, global warming, depletion of resources, deforestation, climate change … The show wants to stimulate reflection and awareness, even through shocking images that pass every day before our eyes on the media and social media , but to which we now seem all addicted. In the end, it does not propose a catastrophic vision, but invites us to assume our responsibilities, especially ethical ones,

International Competition Lydia Biondi 2018

MTM Lydia Biondi is sponsoring the second edition of Premio Internazionale Lydia Biondi, in honor of the artist whose distinguished work as an actor, director, and teacher of Commedia dell’Arte won her recognition in Italy and around the worldYoung actors from all countries between 18 and 30 years old who can create either a solo or duo, performance that through the blending of expressive theatre forms such as the spoken word (in multiple languages and or dialects), mime, movement, Commedia dell’Arte, physical theatre, dance, and song can be understood universally can apply. Nov. 12  Semifinals Teatro La Comunità – Roma, Nov. 13 Finals  Teatro Torlonia – Roma. PRIZES : first 1000€, second 500€, third 300€. Application deadline September 30, 2018. The complete rules are available on social media and on


Concert in memory of Angelo Marenzi

 an opera concert a year after the death of Angelo Marenzi, in collaboration with the Municipality of Castelnuovo di Porto and the participation of international artists, friends and students of the great Italian tenor. Artistic direction Lorraine Nawa Jones. Saturday 22 September 2018, Church of S. Maria Assunta, 19 hours, free entry to offer in favor of the basilica