Listing in the census book published in occasion of the 1st Bazar Opera Festival (meeting of Experimental Company of Chamber Music Theatre and New Languages) presented at the Goldoni Theatre of Florence, 28 September 2002. Promoting committee: Region of Tuscany, Orchestra of Tuscany, Representation of the European Commission in Italy.

Accrediting at the Region Lazio: the MThI is included in the public listing of  istitutions, non-profit and privat organizations of the free time sector, with D.D. n. D2325 of 30 May 2005.

Private audience with Pope Benedetto XVI, in occasion of the 48th Certamen Vaticanum of the Latinitas Vaticana Foundation, Vatican City, 28 November 2005.

Accrediting at the IX District / Rome Municipality – included in the public listing of non-profit organizations, with registration n. CI/2009/4734.

ISPA fellowship 2010. MThI president received the fellowship for the ISPA annual meetings in New York (12-14 January 2010) and Zagreb (3-5 June 2010).

Formica Gold Award 2012. Assigned on January 26, 2013, from the Forum of the Third Sector Lazio to M.Th.I., for artistic activity with social value, realized particularly in the suburbs of Rome.

Medal of the President of the Republic of Italy for the 7th edition of the  Festival “Cerealia. The feast of grains. Ceres and the Mediterranean” 2017.