About us

The non-for-profit association Music Theatre International, operating in Italy since 1999, was formally founded on 7 January 2000.

The association promotes different forms of music theatre; encourages the knowledge and the circulation of the international repertoire; produces and promotes performances and events which involve a synergistic combination of the different languages of live performance with contemporary arts; promotes and supports small Italian arts experiences with young artists, theatre companies, and music and arts non-profit organizations; organizes research, promotional documentation and training activities in the performing arts at a national and international level; collaborates with other non-profit and for-profit organizations, active in the performing arts, providing them with consulting services in marketing, public relations, artistic and project management.

The association has promoted different collaborations and cultural exchange programs with other national and international organizations in Italy and abroad, to make the most of the Italian artistic and professional heritage.

International Network – Member of IETM (2021), official partner of New European BauHaus (2021) and member of the following organizations:

La Rotta dei Fenici – Itinerario Culturale del Consiglio d’ Europa

Anna Lindh Foundation Network – Euromed

Funded in January 2011 in Brussels by a few founding partners from Italy, France, Malta, Lebanon and Tunisia Mediter network has been sustained by the European Commission through the projects “Women for Change” and “Women’s Media in the Euromed”. Since then, important partners – associations, enterprises, NGOs, L.A., –  joined the network. Mediter aims at the exchange of good practices for local, regional, international development in the Mediterranean area, through members’ cooperation in the network.

RIDE-APS Social Promotion Association, with the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

coordinating member of the Citizens Take Over Coalition

N.B. Our organization is not affiliated in any way with the dramatic rights licensing agency Music Theatre International (MTI). To find MTI of New York, please click here www.mtishows.com