Les Chats Musiciens

More than 9500 years have passed since cats become fellow of human being. Since they have chosen to become domestic, they have left behind a rich history. Despite the long journey with man, there are still many mysteries about the relationship between human beings and cats, which never cease to surprise us and above all to make them loved. Figurative artists, writers, poets and musicians, in every corner of the earth, have dedicated portraits, poems, stories and melodies to these animals, which still enrich our lives with their discreet and magnetic presence. This performance, therefore, between music and storytelling, wants to be a tribute to all cats, hoping that those who still do not love them, can learn how to do it. The artistic project aims to sensitize the public to love animal and especially cats, who live in our city, often without master, entrusted to the care of loving ladies, known as the “gattare”. The performance alternates a selection of songs from the international repertoire, expressly dedicated to cats, with true or fantastic stories of men and cats, reconstructing an image as rich as possible of our feline friends. On stage 4 “actor-musicians”: Marcella Foranna, Paola Sarcina, Diana Forlani– singing and storytelling, Paolo Tagliapietra piano